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New version of AVR Library (100607): PololuQTRSensors update


We have released a new version of the Pololu AVR Library (release 100607).

  • The QTR RC part of PololuQTRSensors now uses the same pin number definitions as OrangutanDigital, which means that you can now use any free I/O line on your Orangutan X2 or Orangutan SVP as a QTR-RC sensor input.
  • The QTR Analog part of PololuQTRSensors now configures the ADC properly so that it works on our newer Orangutans (such as the Orangutan SVP) which do not have the AREF pin tied to AVCC.

You can download the library here. Please let us know if any part of the library seems not to be working the way you expect. As always, we would love to hear any comments and suggestions you have!