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New user trying to trouble shoot the maze solver


Hi Nathan, thanks, but I’ve got to say I’m going around in circles now. I did indeed load the correct libraries exactly as described in the Zumo 32U4 documentation. I can of course delete everything and start from scratch. This doesn’t seem to address why there is still a problem with the LCD display (which BTW as I might have mentioned was not like this when I powered on the Zumo out of the box (on batteries), ie the LCD displayed the little push button demo etc. I’m going to start completely from scratch again but how do I know there is not some hardware fault on the board? and I’m wasting all my time doing this? I mean this is possible right? As I do not understand why the LCD is displaying like it does. Anyway give me a bit and I will start all over again (for the second time) to try and figure this all out. As I said, I did and do follow the instructions to the letter so it is perplexing for me as to why I can’t get it to work (and it’s brand new).

I’ll keep you posted.




Hi Nathan, ok after a complete start from scratch uploading Arduino IDE and installation and a complete from scratch Pololu side of things…SUCCESS! Everything is as it should be! Thanks so much for your patience!!! With this new clumsy user! Maybe I should have reinstalled everything right from the start. Anyway, now I can get on with things!




I am glad to hear you got it working. Thanks for letting us know.



Hi, no problems and thanks for all your help! Now we are having a lot of fun and learning a lot!