New User - Having issues installing windows7 driver for 3pi

I am trying to install the drivers for 3pi. Downloaded the USB drivers from the Pololu website.

It keeps telling me that I do not have the driver. I am unable to access the 3pi robot.

Please help. I am trying to work with my son to assist him.

Thank you,

Hello, rmk.

One of our support representatives said you called and got help with your issue. I want to post the relevant details of that discussion here for others who might be having a similar problem.

From the call, we found out that you have the Pololu Orangutan USB Programmer and were installing the wrong drivers for it, specifically the Pololu USB AVR Programmer drivers. Since the Orangutan Programmer is quite old and has been discontinued, we recommended getting a newer programmer like our original AVR programmer (linked above) or our Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2 (which is our newest programmer).

If you decide that you want to use the Orangutan Programmer, you can find the drivers for it under the “Resources” tab on its product page, “CP2102 drivers for Windows”. Please see the “Getting Started Using Windows” section of the Pololu Orangutan USB Programmer User’s Guide for details on how to set up your programmer to work on your Windows machine.

- Amanda

Thank you Amanda, I really appreciate the help. I ordered the usb avr online today from Pololu.