New to Pololu! Need help in coding menu-driven program!

I am pretty new to Pololu 3pi and have done few programs such as making it run in Square, Circles and Loops. Now i need help coding the program that:
If i press A button in the robot it runs in a square.
If i press B button in the robot it runs in a triangle.
If i press C button in the robot it runs in a circle.

Please help. All i know is i can call functions for each function. But i am not sure how to start.


What you describe doesn’t sound like a menu-driven program. You can accomplish the flow control you describe with the Orangutan pushbutton library. If you really want menus, you can look at the source code of the demo program for an example.

- Ryan

Thanks a lot for your help. I just seem to be complementing things. :slight_smile:

*complementing: Complicating! Sorry!