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New qik 2s12v10 and boost regulators


We are happy to announce the release of the qik 2s12v10, a high-power addition to the next-generation line of Pololu serial motor controllers. It offers variable speed and direction control of two large, brushed DC motors using a simple but robust serial interface and provides several advanced features, such as motor acceleration control and configurable current limiting. Automatic baud detection up to 115.2 kbps and inputs for both RS-232 and TTL serial make it easy to add motors to your microcontroller- or computer-based project. This controller can deliver up to 13 A continuous per channel (30 A peak) and accepts a motor supply voltage from 6 to 16 V.

To celebrate the release, we have put the original qik 2s9v1 on sale for $19.95.

We have also released several boost regulators. The 5V boost regulator NCP1402 is a tiny, inexpensive boost regulator that generates 5 V from input voltages as low as 0.8 V and delivers up to 200 mA, making it easy to power small 5V electronics projects from 1 to 3 NiMH, NiCd, or alkaline cells or from a single lithium-ion cell.

The 2.5-9.5V and 4-25V adjustable boost regulators make available the boost portion of the 3pi robot’s power circuit and let you use a potentiometer to set the output voltage as high as 25 V from an input voltage as low as 1.5 V. They can handle an input current of 2 A and typically have an efficiency of 80%, which means they can supply approximately 800 mA when doubling the input voltage and approximately 400 mA when quadrupling the input voltage.

- Ben