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New Pololu.com website

We released a new version of the Pololu.com website today. We are working on bringing the content up-to-date on the new site; please let us know what you think and if you see any problems!


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I like the new site, particularly the product detail pages. The new forum is looking great. Keep up the great work!!

Am I imagining things, or did the old forums site have horizontal scrolling, say, if an embedded image was wider than the display window. Just a thought, for posts with large pictures like this one:

Incidentally, it also appears that BBCode is off in this forum (Announcements), although it appears to be working in other ones.


Well, I managed to enable BBCode for Announcements, but I’m currently stumped when it come images that are too wide for the display window. I’ll look into it a bit more. If you find any other settings that seem strange or wrong, please continue to let us know!

- Ben

I’m still using IE6, and it works (i.e. horizontal scroll bar shows up) there! I didn’t even know what Adam was talking about until I saw it on Ben’s computer. Looks like the pictures get truncated in IE7 and Firefox.

Time to dig through more settings!

- Jan

While I’m making trouble for you guys, I’m trying to place an order (not a critical rush or anything), and I spotted the:

Former Pololu customers: an account has been automatically generated for you. Click here to obtain your password.

I liked the idea of being able to look up my old orders, so I tried it, using my normal e-mail address and typed in the warped characters, and it said I would get a login details e-mail. That was about half an hour ago, and I haven’t received anything yet.


P.S. I also discovered a weird thing when I tried to post just now. Apparently Jan posted while I was still writing mine, and when I hit post I just saw a preview-style version of his new one, but that’s phpBB’s fault. Maybe it’s a feature, like don’t answer a question when someone else beats you to it. Maybe it would have gone through if I had just tried hitting submit again.