New member, need advise

Hello everybody!
I just subscribed to this forum while looking for information on how to avoid burning a touchscreen computer for a kiosk that is powered by a solar panel 12V battery combination. We’ve burned several computers while changing drained batteries to charged batteries.

The connection to the computer comes from a Morningstar Sunsaver -10 12V charge controler. The solar panel, battery and load (computer/touchscreen) connect to the controler that unfortunately, does not control the output to the computer.

Atfer reading the Pololu article “understanding destructive LC voltage spikes” I realized how ignorant we’ve been. Mind you, the manufacturer of the computer, while knowing our application, negligently , did not offer protection for the device either.

The solar controler tries to draw as much as possible from the panel to keep the battery charged but by the same token pushes out as much output as possible. We’ve therefore, been subjecting more than the 12V and an more than necessary amps to the computer.

The touchscreen computer has a factory 5 amp power supply but the touchscreen only needs .2 amps. We’re connecting to power with a DC plug.

It’s Sunday and I’m on eastern standard time so I’m stuck til tommorrow :frowning: any suggestions for solutions offered are welcome.

Happy new Year to all,

Hi, Tom.

I doubt what you are encountering is the kind of LC spike issue discussed in that article. You should look at the voltage to your computer on an oscilloscope when you change your battery (you might want to start without the computer connected if you want to avoid destroying more of them). It’s possible the voltage is just going too high when no battery is present.