New in robotics


My Primary Hobby is Astronomy and have quite some Equipment and also developped already some parts for focusing etc.

Now that retirement is near I want to invest more time and develop more useful prts for the astro Equipment and therefore I am asking myself what programable electronics would make sense.

Especially for stepper Motors and GUI to move telescope focusers as well as camera rotators and other stuff for remote adjusting or even guiders for tracking the Sun.

I have seen the Raspberry circuits, Arduino circuits, etc. like here in this page

Taking into consideration the parts I want to move eg. stepper Motors mainly what would be the most Logical parts to look at in regards to programable or Controlling via GUI from a PC through USB or Serial Connection. I know some will say Serial communication is from the times of the dinosaurs but my experience is that Serial communication Fails less then USB communication :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your comments and tips

regards Rainer


We do not have a stepper motor controller that uses USB or serial communication. You could communicate with a microcontroller from your computer and have that device control a stepper motor through a stepper motor driver. What microcontroller you should use for your project depends on your specific application and what you are most comfortable using. I recommend looking into the resources for them.


Hi Grant,

Thanks. I guess my question was a bit misleading. I wanted to know more about the micro controller rather then the driving of the stepper eg. what micro controller is easier to learn for such an old man like me :slight_smile:

So what is easier Arduino or raspberry or any of those other programmable micro controllers and are all able to be controlled via a GUI from the PC in real time ?

Thanks and regards Rainer

After reading a lot and watching many Videos in YouTube I came to the conclusion that for my interest Arduino or similar microcontrollers are better suited the raspberry pi.

Now another question.

If I develop something on an Arduino, how is the portability for example to a A.Micro Star microcontroller ?

I ask this because it seems to be that the programming language for Arduino is easier to learn 8 have not digged deeper into the programming language of the A-Star microcontrollers. Will have to do it

The Problem is that when not having any Hardware available on which to Play on this is all theory :slight_smile:

All comments are welcome

Thanks and regards Rainer

BTW I do not want to make the same experience as when I started with Astronomy that for getting experience, I did spent a lot of money in different Equipment until I got what I have now. I could open an Astronomy Equipment store :joy:

The A-Star can also be programmed using the Arduino IDE. Compatibility of your program between boards will depend on which boards you are trying to go between. You can read more about Compatibility between our A-Star boards and Arduino boards in the “Arduino compatibility” section under the “Description” on each A-Star board’s product page.


Thanks :+1: