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New GUI (Maestro Control Center)

Lynxmotion has a great “control center” with many more features than Pololu. They call it Visual Sequencer, a product they say is actually mature and no further development will be provided. Despite that, it’s a great product to work with. The only problem I have is that the SSC32 board that it works with has a really bad habit of activating all servos indiscriminately. Pololu has options of Off, Ignore, and GoTo, something the Lynxmotion DOES NOT HAVE.

Visual Sequencer has color coding for servos, fine tuning of each servo, setting of offsets to compensate for bad servo alignment, naming of “frames” and steps. They also have servo “reversal” so that controls act the same for right or left side of the robot.

A GOOD Control Center would have the best of both sequencers.


Thank you for the feedback. We will keep those suggestions in mind as we develop future servo controllers.

- Ben