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New Forum Feed


We have made several improvements to the forum feed for those of you following us with a feed reader. To subscribe to the new feed, click the orange icon at the top of your web browser or copy https://forum.pololu.com/atom.php into your reader. The old feed will stay around for now; if we do not hear any complaints, we will start redirecting everyone to the new one in a week or so. Some of the improvements are:

  • We have switched from RSS to the more modern Atom format.
  • Links go directly to posts, even when there are multiple pages within a topic.
  • BBCode is converted into better HTML than before, especially quoted and pre-formatted text.
  • Posts will be marked read for you on the forum web page (web- and web-browser-based readers only, probably).
  • We provide options for subscribing to individual forums or collections of forums. See our feeds page for examples.

If you have any questions or comments about the new feed, please reply to this topic. Thanks!