New Arduino is not recognized by computer

I just purchased a new Arduino. When I plug an older Arduino into my computer, it immediately realizes that it is an Arduino, and all is well. When I try this with the new one, the computer is unable to identify the hardware. It this a sign that the Arduino is defective, or is there some way to force it to recognize the new Arduino? I have tested on both Win 7 and Win XP, and have attempted to force the correct driver, but the OS says that it cannot find the appropriate hardware


Are you following these instructions for installing the Arduino drivers? What types are your new and older Arduinos?

Do you see a new entry appear in the Windows Device Manager when you plug in the new Arduino? Do you see any LED activity on the Arduino?

- Kevin

Turns out I was using an old version of the Arduino IDE, which did not have the new driver for the R3 Arduino Uno. Once Pololu support pointed me to the new driver, all was well. Thanks!


In case anyone else comes upon this thread, I’d like to have the solution here. The Arduino R3 uses a driver file called “Arduino UNO REV3.inf”. Jon was trying to install the driver file “Arduino UNO.inf”, which did not work. Unfortunately, the installation instructions are not updated and mention a driver file I cannot find called “ArduinoUNO.inf”.

- Ryan