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New 3pi+ robot library

I want to program my new 3pi+ robot without using the Arduino IDE, instead using AVRDUDE and avr-gcc on my Ubuntu system. How do I install the Pololu3piPlus32U4 c++ library?

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You can download the Pololu3piPlus32U4 library here. The library is mostly written in C++, but please note that it does depend on some functions defined in the Arduino environment.

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda, I had already downloaded the library but I don’t know how to install it on my Ubuntu system so that I can use it outside the Arduino IDE. I have been happily programming the Orangutan robot controllers using gcc and avrdude for some years, and Pololu gives clear instructions how to install that library on Linux systems. I need the same instructions for the 3pi+ library - at the moment it only appears to work with the Arduino IDE.

Hi, @cbalmforth.

Thanks for purchasing our new 3pi+ 32U4 Robot!

We do not have a version of the libraries that works outside of the Arduino environment. What do you want to do that you can’t do inside the Arduino IDE? Perhaps the arduino-cli command line program would work for you.

- Ryan