New 3pi and the right hand emitter is open circuit

I have just taken delivery (in the UK) of a 3pi. Unfortunately, the IR emitters aren’t working. I have checked this with a camera. The sensors work okay, as I can see their values change when I hold them up to an incandescent light. I checked the continuity of the emitter array, and the one on the right hand side (as viewed from the bottom) is open circuit. I’ve double checked it with an ohm meter (it said open circuit), and a diode tester. The diode tester gave a voltage drop of just over 1 volt for all the others, but said ‘open circuit’ for the suspect one. It’s not a soldered joint issue, as I’m going directly onto the pins of the device.

It’s a bit of a pain from the UK, but I think I need to return this to you?

Hello, barkersteve.

I replied to the email you sent us about this issue.

- Kevin

Thanks for the helpful response, Kevin. Much appreciated.

Best regards


Problem sorted out to my satisfaction. Well done to Pololu, and especially Kevin! Very impressed!