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Nerf Turret Alarm Bot SHOOTS YOU to Wake Up ft. Pololu Tic Stepper Motor Controller

Just want to share my latest project with you guys! I modified a Nerf Gun into a sentry turret and has some pretty cool features (alarm mode, torment co-workers, etc.). Thanks to Pololu for their stepper motor controllers (put a shoutout in the video below), the interfaces and the documentation was on-point.

Also put together a funny skit that goes along with it,

Let me know what else I can do with it and I’ll try to put a compilation together. Some have suggested to put it on a roomba or throwing some cheese puff balls in hopper to have the gun shoot into your mouth.


LOL…that is great!

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Hello, Vinnie.

This is such a fun build, and it looks great too! Thank you for the kind words and the shout-out; we are glad to hear you had a positive experience with our Tic controllers. If you have any additional feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

Putting it on a Roomba sounds funny. I’m imagining some kind of simple hide-and-seek game where the last person gets to avoid getting hit by the blaster. If you’re looking for ways to expand on the project, adding some kind of game where you have a time limit to solve a puzzle under pressure of being targeted could be neat.