Nema17 stepper motor with A4988 Driver

Guys, I’m currently looking for a nema 17 steppermotor for my schoolproject, but I’m having troubles with finding a driver. I’m planning to use a Nema17 steppermotor with a rated 3,3 V voltage but most of the drivers (for example the A4988) run with a minimum of 8 V at Vmot. What driver do I need to use for this stepper motor?


As long as you are using a current limiting stepper motor driver like the ones we carry, it is safe to use a higher operating voltage than the stepper motor is rated for. Doing so can actually be beneficial too, as it can allow the motor to achieve higher step rates. You can find more details about this in the first entry of the “FAQs” tab for any of our stepper motor and stepper motor driver product pages, including the A4988 carrier.