Need to run LCD + touchscreen... Can Wixel handle it?

I need to run an ILI9325C (yes C, not D) and a 4 wire resistive touch screen… All I will need on the lcd is a little bit of text and a few bitmaps, with a very limited color palette (256 colors). Can the Wixel handle it?

Hello DoogieHouser.

I found a datasheet for that LCD here: … 512_11.pdf

Keep in mind that the resolution is 240x320, so even if you restrict yourself to 256 colors a full screen image would take 240 * 320 = 76,800 bytes of memory. By comparison, the Wixel has 4 KB of RAM and 29 KB of program space.

I don’t know much about that LCD, but from a quick glance at the datasheet it looks like you can control it with SPI as described in section 7.3.3. The Wixel is capable of doing SPI and even has a hardware SPI module, so you can probably get something working.

Do you have any specific questions or concerns about the Wixel’s capabilities?


According to my hardware guru I can run multiple at the same time so I needn’t worry about the hz on the glass… :unamused: Sorry for wasting your time. I can go ahead and prototype on the Wixel now! :smiley: