Need to buy Pan & Tilt kit, do u sell it?

Dear sir, i need to buy pan & tilt kit from you
just like
do u sell the pan & tilt kit too? i contacted trossenrobotic but they don’t reply my e-mail.
So if u do, please suggest me what part should i buy?
i hope i can get feedback from you.


We do not carry an equivalent product. Why don’t you get the unit from one of the sources you mention?

- Jan

I notice this was posted a while back and I wanted to check and see if there are yet any plans to stock something like this? I looked into getting it from one of the suppliers mentioned, but the shipping and handling was more than the kit I wanted. Lynxmotion said that they don’t have any other possibilities as far as that goes.

I’m looking to get one eventually and I’d rather not pay ten or eleven dollars for shipping, so I’m curious if you’ll be stocking them.


We do not have anything like this in the works. Even if we did have it, though, the shipping probably would be similar to what it costs at the other sites.

- Jan