Need Suggestions

So i’m completely “dumb” when it comes to programming and what not, but i’ve got a project under-way that could use a few things to make life easier when it is done. Below is essentially a list of the functions i need a controller to be able to do (I have been suggested the Orangutan SVP-1284).

Rc servo signal Inputs from a RC receiver:
1.Wing sweep
2. Flaps/slats combined (one connector)
3. Spoiler-Roll control
4. spoiler arming switch and a Hall effect sensor input (see below for operation) (the hall-effect sensor is optional, but highly desired)
5. Battery power
6. “over”- sweep push-button (optional)
7. wing position feed-back potentiometer

2- Wing controllers for use with 1 or 2 linear actuators (needs to be able to supply a minumum of 2amps and max of 6amps)
left spoiler
right spoiler
flap/slat combination (Dual connectors (one per wing)) with position adjustment with the servo’s at full extensions and center point

Operations break-down:

Wing sweep input controls wing-sweep output. Function should be fully proportional by use of a feed-back
potentiomenter. This potentiometer can either be integral w/ dual linear actuators (one per wing) or a single
pot with a gear reduced actuator with opposite threads to sweep both wings via a single drive motor. If using Dual actuators,
System must have a “monitoring” system to detect if one actuator quits moving. If one actuator stops moving, both are commanded to go to
un-swept position. If one still does not move, moving actuator is commanded to go to last known position of opposite actuator.
The position of this function needs to be adjustable at both extensions and center point as well. If using a dual system, they need to be slaved to each other, but with individual adjustments so they can be “matched” to each other’s position.

Flap/slat input controls flap/slat output. Operation is fully proportional. If wings Are un-swept, flaps operate normally. If wings are swept aft,
flaps remain in up position and do not move regardless of what the input says. If wings are un-swept and flaps are down
and wings are commanded to sweept aft, flaps automatically go up then the wings begin to sweep.
Again, the each flap/slat combo needs to be adjustable individually to match each other’s position, and this function needs to be able to be reverse-able in case the wings swept/un-swept function is incorrect for flaps down position

Spoiler roll control. Operation is fully proportional. If “left” roll is commanded, “left” spoiler output extends the left spoiler servo, right servo does not move.
If “right” roll is commanded, “right” spoiler output extends the right spoiler servo, left spoiler servo does not move.
When wings are commanded to full sweep, spoilers no longer actuate when roll-control input is received. Again, these servo’s need to be able to be reversed and they “throws” adjusted.

Spoiler “arming” switch. When switch is flipped to “arm” position, spoilers remain stowed. Through the use of a hall-effect sensor, When wheel RPM is detected, BOTH spoilers extend to full extension. Spoilers remain extended until wheels stop rotating and arming switch is dis-armed.
Again, servo’s need to be able to be adjusted at their maximum throws to match each other, and be able to be reversed.

Battery Power- Voltage between 6v and up to 14-16volts. 16ga. Power is used for sweep control motors, board power and servo power

analog “over”-sweep push-button. With no input signals from “wing sweep” input, button is active.If input signal is received on “wing-sweep” input, push botton does not work.
When button is pushed for 10 seconds, wings go to “over-sweep” position (to be adjusted by use of a potentiometer or programming “buttons”).
If wings are in over-sweep and a input signal is received from “wing sweep” iput, wings go to position required per “wing-sweep” input.

General requirements:

2- wing sweep outputs w/ 2 wing sweep position potentiometer feedback inputs.
Wing sweep outputs need a means for user to adjust their position at full swept, center and un-swept positions to “match” each wing position with each other.

Flap/slat ouput- servo “matching” function needed just like with the wing sweep output
Each output function needs to be able to be Reversed as well

Possible Programming provided via an LCD display and push buttons

Can the orangutan be programmed to perform something like this and be able to be hooked up directly to a RC receiver and the servo’s? I apologize for the long post, but its allot of stuff that I need to make sure it can do before spending the money. Not to mention, i’m pretty ill-literate with this sort of things, so its going to be a huge learning curve.


I’m interested to see how this turns out.

Me to. Unfortunately, when i called the tech support for polulu to ask questions, the tech i got seemed to have no interest in what i was asking and sounded as if he was eating. And the fact that nothing legible could be heard from them bc the phone was so far away from him it sounded like he was wispering, didnt help any either.

So i assumed, that he was on his lunch break and not interested and didnt fully understand my questions, and figured/hoped to get better support by posting exactly what i wanted on their forums in hope to get a better understood answer.

But if i dont get any answer to if this is possible or not, i can spend money on the items to do it. Im in need of around 1000 units, so its not like this is a weekend hobbyist venture (although the prototype unit is).


I am sorry about your bad phone experience; that definitely should not be happening.

Regarding your project, there is nothing particularly appropriate about the Orangutan SVP for what you are describing. In general, it sounds like your project is not at all a beginner project, and you should probably have the work done by a professional if you want to end up with something you can manufacture.

- Jan

That is what i was expecting to hear. The issues, are their is no one willing to develop my “box” protoype singularly for a decent price. The single box is needed at hobbyist prices, then once the major project is done and revenue brought in from sales, i will be able to purchase at traditional non hobbyist pricing. The last quote i was given was $10,000 for the “box”

I don’t know what exactly you had quoted or what you expect to be a decent price, but $10k does not sound immediately unreasonable. What you described is not a trivial project; even for someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s going to take at least a few weeks, plus you need hardware, so you’re looking at a non-negligible cost just to buy parts and build boards. I’d be very cautious with any place quoting you much less than $10k.

- Jan