Need some help programming an addressable RGB strip (WS2812B


I am brand new to Arduino programming and was wondering where to get started to accomplish the following:

I would like to program the WS2812B 30-LED strip so that there are 5 arrays of 6 LEDS each (let’s call them Arrays 1-5). When the Arduino receives an input (initially from a keyboard and hopefully later from a wired or wireless bar code reader) for the number 1, Array 1 would light up, when it recieives the number 2, Array 2 would light up and so forth. Each array would be the same color (i.e., all green or all red).

I have the WS2812B all hooked to the Arduino Uno and I can run the Polulu test code (which was a major accomplishment for me!), but I would like to learn how to proceed further.

Thank you!


Since you are new to Arduino programming, I would suggest working on your code in smaller chunks. Modifying one of our example LED strip programs might be a good way to get familiar with the code. Once you feel comfortable with it, you could try adding a simple input, such as a button, and slowly adapting your code to do what you want. You might find the information on the GitHub page for our Arduino library for addressable RGB LED strips useful, particularly the information in the “Library Reference” heading.

If you try writing code (or modifying one of the existing example programs) and run into problems, you can post what you have so far, and I would be happy to offer more help.


Thanks, Brandon! I will give a try and see how it goes. I like your idea about a more “modular” approach.