Need libpololu-tic.lib for visual studio (Windows) integration


In the documentation, I see it is mentioned “we provide a C library called libpololu-tic in our Tic software package” but I dont see a .lib file that I need for my Visual Studio (Windows 10) program. I need it to link the tic.h files to its actual implementation in the library. I get linker errors without the libraries.
I cant seem to find/know how to make it. I see CMakeList and .c files in the lib folder but I would appreciate .lib files(associated libusbp.lib as well) of the same or atleast describe how to make .lib from those.

Thank you


The source code of the libpololu-tic library is in the “lib” directory of the pololu-tic-software repository. That library relies on another library we created named libusbp.

We do not provide binary downloads for these libraries, so you would need to compile them yourself if you want to use them directly instead of simply using ticcmd. They can be compiled as static libraries or DLLs. We do not provide explicit instructions for how to compile those libraries with Visual Studio, but it should be possible. We do provide instructions for compiling the Tic software using open source software in the file