Need help with Wixel Wireless Serial App and 3pi-serial-mast

I am having difficulty getting the 3pi-serial-master/3pi-serial-slave programs to function correctly when using a Wixel pair for wireless serial communication.

Baby Orangutan 328p running 3pi-serial-master
3pi Robot running 3pi-serial-slave
Wixel pair both running Wireless Serial App
Baby-O’s RX/TX connected appropriately to Wixel using voltage divider circuit to ensure ~3.3V level into Wixel TX from Baby-O RX
Wixel connected to 3pi via m3pi expansion board with shorting blocks in place

As a test, I had removed the Wixels from both MCUs and hard wired them together. The master/slave programs function correctly. Also, I did a quick modification to the example serial1 program and successfully sent serial data from the Baby-O to 3pi via the Wixel pair! (this is why my problem is so perplexing to me).

Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


What baud rates have you configured the Wixels to use? Are you connecting all 3 shorting blocks? You do not need to connect the reset shorting block. What do you mean by “I am having difficulty?” What is it doing? What do you expect it to do?

- Ryan

Thanks for the reply, Ryan.

My difficulty is that the serial information doesn’t appear to be crossing to the 3pi from the Baby-O or back. I do not receive the Connect message that indicates the Master has successfully received the response to the serial signature request.

I am using the default basis rate for the Wixel Wireless Serial app. I’m not able to check what that is at this time. I will check later and report back.

Sorry for the lack of detail in the original post.

Thanks again.

The default baud rate of the wireless serial app is 9600 and the serial slave program uses a baud rate of 115200. You need to make sure the baud rate of a Wixel matches the baud rate of the microcontroller it is connected to.

- Ryan

Oh man … I really should have caught that.

Works now.

Thanks for the help Ryan!