Need help with VL53L0X sensors FOV interception distance calculation

I am using a CAD program to try and draw two sensors FOV and trying to find their intersection distance points. For the angle, I drew 25 degrees from the center point.
According to VL53L0X datasheet I read from there and used line tool to draw sensors base according to collector with measurements of 0,2 mm, so 0,1 with line tool from the center point to each side. (Maybe its already a wrong measurement to take?)

Then I draw line to the 2nd sensors angle, add up both of the greenline angles on the picture to calculate the 3rd interception angle.

I am just asking to make sure if I’m doing this with the right numbers for calculating interception point distance or I could actually be mistaken and having a wider base than 0,2. Just because in reality I am getting different results.

All the best!

Hi, sensor53.

It’s not clear to me from your description or your diagram what you are trying to figure out. In case you have not seen it, Figure 23 in the datasheet (page 30) is a drawing of the sensor’s emitter and collector FoVs; does that help? You might also need to keep in mind that there is probably not an abrupt change at the edge of the sensor’s FoV. Instead, the intensity of the emitter and the sensitivity of the collector fall off as the angle increases, so the effective FoV might depend partly on how big and reflective your target is.