Need help with UM6 and Linux

i joined this forum just now and didn’t find a button which allows
me to make a new post. so i am posting here.

our setup is this: CHR-UM6 sensor connected to PC using
USB to serial adapter.

i am looking to do the following in Linux:
(similar to what CHR serial interface software does under Windows XP)

  1. Establish communication with UM6
  2. Calibrate it
  3. Read data and save it in a file.

Any reference to software/scripts to do these tasks?
any examples to start with?

Thanks in advance!


I have split your post off into its own thread. For future reference, the attached picture shows where you can click to create a new thread.

- Ben

Hello, um6_user.

The first step would be to get your serial adapter working in Linux, or get a serial adapter that works. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a Linux program already made for the CHR-UM6. The CHR-UM6 uses standard serial communication, so any Linux program that communicates with a serial port would be a good starting point. The serial protocol is defined in the datasheet.

- Ryan

yes, we have Pololu serial to USB adapter.