NEED help with RC Switch low MOSFET

Hey Guys great forum, wish i found this along time ago.

Im Building a RC CAR that will have switchable lights, it has 4 front light, 6 roof light & 2 tail lights.
i want the 4 front & 2 rear to be linked

Im planing to use the Pololu RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET to switch on and off the lights.
And the light power will be provided by a Corona 6V BEC and the Pololu RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET will be powered be a LM7805 connected to the Corona 6V BEC

Can Someone check this wiring diagram for me PLEASE???

ok im going to disable the ESC BEC, so that it doesn cause problems with the other BEC.


It would help if you provided a slightly larger image. Since you are supplying 5V directly to the Vcc pins, you do not need to connect anything to the VRC pin, which it looks like you have flipped with the RC input pin. You don’t show the details of the LED connection, which is probably the most commonly mis-wired part of one of these applications, so be careful with that. You could test things first without any of your external LEDs by wiring up the rest of the system and looking the LEDs on the RS switches.

- Jan