Need help with pid tuning for line follower

Hey all, this is my first post.

Can someone please give me an algorithm/code for pid tuning for a line following bot? I’ve searched everywhere, but to no avail.

If I have to use the guess method ( God forbid, how should i porceed to find kd, ki and kd values? In which order, for what ranges,etc.?


PS: I’m using an arduinio duemilanove.

As a google search for “PID tuning” will reveal, there are lots of tutorials on line that give clear procedures to tune a PID controller. There is a rational and recommended order for estimating the 1 to 3 gain constants Kp, Kd and Ki. Here is one arbitrarily chosen example: … roller.pdf

Since nearly everyone’s controller and system is different you are extremely unlikely to find ready made code to optimize yours.

Try this FREE tool for PID tuning :smiley: