Need help with picking parts for my large robotic ship

I"m working on building a RC aircraft carrier/battleship hybrid. And have found that the normal RC parts are not capable of what i need. And the ones with more power/ability are way to expensive. while the parts i have found here are a lot more affordable and have more uses. I’m designing this ship to be fully functional and able to launch aircraft and recover them. as well as fire air soft guns. to make this easier ill repost my my post on RC site…

OK my design idea is a cross between aircraft carrier and battleship. i want it to be fully operational and armed. lights, guns, aircraft, patrol boats, airplane elevators as well as helicopters. want to include cameras so i can get POV of flight deck and from ship to see where going. will be doing same with air and sea craft. “foot note- i will only be using those modes where legal and with license if needed”. so i wish to make a fully functional combat platform. see scale aircraft carriers and battle ships. but never anything “new”. so I’d like to step out of mold and try a futuristic foray.

here’s the finial rough stats on it- flight deck 18 long by 5’ wide. Hull 10’ by 3’ wide. height below deck is 2’ might increase if needed for aircraft storage areas. 4 24"x13" sub boat docks at water level to house patrol boats. and a heli pad " unknown size until i get intel on what size the heli’s have to be to scale. con tower will be 2-3’ above deck with rotatable camera to see where ship going. also to record aircraft landings! “think would be cool to post the landings here :slight_smile:” that’s the main size stats. ill now post what i want IN the ship systems and craft.

7-9 aircraft, 4 pt boats, 3-5 heli’s, debating on 1-2 subs launched from underneath ship but afraid of leaks, 3x 3 16" main guns, 4x 5 5" guns, 48x AA guns “Gatling”.

Other stats im looking for. want it to be able to go 10-15 mph. faster if feasible. on board video cameras. able to launch aircraft and boats “and possibly subs”. want to add a crane on aft section to be able to tow other ships to port “if some ones boat runs out of gas lol” want to run it on gasoline from pumps. ours have ethanol in them around here. have a running time of 2 hours. “will run it less but since my kids will want to play to need buffer on time” also thinking of a back up electric motor encase of main gas motor failure but not firm on this yet. want some for of fail safe that if ship leaves radio range it will auto return to range and give notice on controller. and thinking the “venom” fail safe if theirs other problems while at sea. don’t want to go 2.4ghtz radios but would like a 200-300 foot range minimum. also curious if i could run all systems threw a laptop instead of control. and only use a controller for momentum and steering? so here’s my idea so far. large project but im new to R/C boats but I’ve built other things before. oh and another question since i’m going gas engine could i install a alternator to power all electrical systems with a battery back up? Also would like to turn as much as i can into a solar system. Will be making a portable solar charger for spare batteries on land as well in case. would love to go all electric as we are ecco minded. but i have to have POWER “grunt grunt grunt” lol “said in Tim tailor voice lol.”

Ok that for reference purposes. some of it has changed but basics are same. What im trying to work out now is how to. control propulsion. I’ll be using 2 Prowler T30 on aft section. 1 T30 on aft and starboard sides at front for steerage. What i need is a way to control speed and the rudders. I’ve got a basic idea how i want to do it. but not the practical application. I’ll be removing the vertical shaft from the trolling motors and removing the control box. will be installing “instert correct part here :slight_smile:” to be able to hook it up to servo controller. the trolling motor is 5 speed forward and 2 speed reverse. i want to make it variable speed instead. so what im worried about is the high amps the motors use. their estimated at 30 amps continuous. and ones ive seen here so far only handle 3amps.

I’ll be controlling this ship from shore from an old laptop and PC xbox360 controller. so i need a transceiver on shore and receiver on ship as well. There will be more to work out. but first i want to work out how to move and steer ship posting.php?mode=post&f=7&sid=6a4d42cc3a14609fbdd3b52000503a32# im not professional with this. but i have basic understanding so im not starting from scratch so to speak. but im also not trained. any assistance in working out this step would be greatly appreciated.

P.S yes i know this is large project to start with. but I am able to handle this scale with some direction and assistance. As ive got wide back ground in building and repairing different things. And i learn fast.

ok a lot of design elements have been changed. It’s late so ill post new project “same size just going differently” tomorrow some time. but here is a short list of parts i need to integrate.

I’m going to post the parts i plan to use so far. and ask how i can connect them. and what to use to get it to communicate with my laptop on shore. i want to use a old laptop and USB game controller to control the ship and its functions.
ESC x1 x2
SERVO’s - … M1230.html x60 "with possible upgrade to higher number" … 3755S.html x 24
Havent found any non-manual ones that do not cost a fortune each. will need around 12-15 once i find some thing. need it to control onboard lights and such.

Now i need to find a way to control all of this from a laptop and USB game controller from shore. need 250 foot range “will also use this during 4th of July to launch preset fireworks off of it.” game controller is to steer ship as that’s easiest way to do it comfortably. laptop on shore will control guns, lights, and other features.

"company i listed parts from is not specifically where ill buy them from. just conveniently had parts in size/stats i needed. With their descriptions and voltage listed. Very possible ill get parts from here. :slight_smile: those parts i grabbed from a email. and i cut and pasted this to few of the forums im on to be quicker.

hmm seems i thought i was stalled to soon. with future conversations i have come up with new direction to keep going yay! :slight_smile:

my thing is as i move along i want to be sure next step will mesh with prior step. which is why i stalled when i hit high cost for controllers. I want to make sure control system is expandable easily to include future servo’s and switches. Don’t want to go along one line of construction to then discover to expand i need to go another way. But with research and help i think i have a cheap way to communicate with laptop on land and systems on ship. and only costs $300. but can handle over 64 servo’s. was looking at all the normal 12+ channel RC controllers and freaked over price but here’s my com system as is now. and its easily expandable further. x1 x1 x1 x2 x1

thats around $285.00 which is acceptable of course need to include jumpers and wires. but that won’t cost much. with some wires its $300 which falls with in budget marks.

and other items im using are: x1 x2…-GPMM1230.html x60…HRC33755S.html x12

That’s final servo count i am expecting. but is NOT what i am installing at launch. just a idea on what i planed to use. and total for those parts is $785 not to bad considering that amount. and first 2 parts each highly expensive. servo count can and will change so this just estimate. so so far project final cost $1070 plus shipping. and wires ill have to price locally. So that’s still with in my original hoped for budget of $1,500. will need to add in hull cost and for got the 4 motors lol motors $400 total and hull will cost around $500 i guess. could be higher or lower for hull. need to hit home depot and check prices. but other wise that’s… $1970 hmm not to bad over first budget. and i did think i was under budgeting.

also need to find inexpensive on/off switches with remote control. found a few but their around $30-40 or so EACH

And of course a control program on laptop and im ready to start. No im not as experienced as you think. I wish i was though Smiley no i am doing research as well as taking what people are telling me and learning as i go. but ive always been able to catch on to new things quickly.

So all in all im back on track it seems. hope no more surprised plan changes lol but as they say all good plans and face of contact… lol hope to be starting construction soon. snow seems to be melting :slight_smile: will post pics as i go. though disclaimer. ship will be done before i start detailing work. so will look a little crude until then. more interested in functionality first :slight_smile:

Also does any one know of some paintball guns that would work? as in just firing mechanism and ammo storage? need to be able to fire multiple shots with out having to reload them manually. and the BB ones to costly.