Need help with orangutan x2

i am new to programming an orangutan x2 so i am still stuck on trying to communicate with it. Can i get some help on programming it using AVR studio 5 please? And do i need something else to connect from my controller to my computer or can i just connect the usb straight to my computer?

We have not yet updated our tutorials and documentation to work with AVR Studio 5 but are hoping to do that soon. Can you use AVR Studio 4 for now? You can connect the Orangutan X2 directly to your computer using a USB cable; no external hardware is required.


yes thats what i was leaning towards, using studio 4. Thanks for the reply i appreciate the help

do you recommend programming the controller using c or c++? the examples yall give are in c correct?

Most of our examples are in C, so that’s what I recommend using. However we do support C++ if that’s what you want. --David