Need help with analog pot control for micro maestro

I’ve just started using pololu motor controllers and they are working great right out of the box. Now I need servo control with a Micro Maestro 6.

I need help writing code to control an analog servo with a 5K pot. I simply want the servo to move forward or backward as I move the pot forward or backward. I also need the servo to stop where ever I stop the pot. Is this possible and is it simple enough to write? I started with loading the sample code for analog control with a pot but the servo keeps turning unless I find center on the pot. I need the servo to mimic the pot basically.

Any help would be appreciated and I can pay for any help that is real involved if needed.


Hi Shawn,

The sample program from the user’s guide does exactly what you want when using a standard servo. It sounds from your description like you are using a continuous rotation servo, which has its feedback circuitry disconnected. Is this the case? Do you have any normal servos available to try?

- Ben

Thanks for the reply Ben. I’m not sure of the origin or the servos. They were tampered with by the person I got them from so it’s possible. I only have 2 used ones. I’ll go buy a new standard servo tomorrow. Maybe a digital one. I need a small micro servo for this application. I should have ordered one from you when I ordered the micro maestro.

I’ll try again tomorrow and let you know the outcome.