Need help with a programmer

I have designed the mechanical side on positioner that I need but my electronics person has never come thru for me can someone recommend and program a controller for me I will pay to have it done.
It has two inputs switches plus or minus and 6 output solenoids that have to be tripped based on the inputs from the two imputes it should be a very simple project for someone designing robots

Please need help


What are you willing to pay for the solenoid controller board?

How do you want two inputs switches to controll 6 output solenoids ?


I can build a solution for you. However, I can’t offer any pricing until I know what your power supply is, what your solenoids are, what your switches are, and what the control scheme is. Also, I don’t do medical, safety, power, or other “hazardous area” work, as I am a hobbyist.