Need help uploading the test.aps program

I received my 3pi/AVR programming bundle, and having problems getting the test.aps program to load into the bot. The demo program worked from the start, and fortunately still does. So I don’t think that the 3pi is broken. The PC software is installed, and appears to be working correctly.

Before I continue, there are a couple of differences between the filenames that are stated in the Pololu 3pi Robot User’s Guide and the ones that are automatically created by the download:

<> The directory name on the PC containing the test file is “simple-test”, not “simple-test-3pi” as per the manual.
<> The filename on the PC is “simple-test.aps”, whereas the manual indicates that it is “simple.aps”.

Doubt that this has anything to do with this problem, but it makes one question the accuracy of the tutorial. Back to the problem …

Everything goes correctly up through the build process [F7]. No errors reported, though one time I did get an Error Code: -2147467259: message. At the next step, when I go to connect (Tools > Program AVR > Connect>) I get an error message: “A problem occured when executing the command. See the command output for more info.” I selected the AVRISP and Auto settings. In one of the fields in the AVR Studio, the message “Get VTARGET: Command of no use for AVR ISP! FAILED!” is listed.

Any ideas on how to make this system really work? BTW, I’m running Windows XP with SP3 and my drivers are all up to date.

Well … I threatened my computer to within an inch of its life, then rebooted. Now, the program is connecting and transferring programs to the 3pi. Whoo hooo!!! Time to start coding. And hopefully it won’t require a reboot.


I’m glad to hear that you have things up and running now. Thank you for letting us know about the outdated file names in the user’s guide. I have updated the document to use the correct file names.

- Ben