Need help: Increasing Potmeter Signal without an OpAmp

Hello everyone,


one servo (i00800 with 21v3 jrk)

two (switched) analog input signals:
Encoder : 0-5v (0-10v but with a voltage-divider)
Potmeter: 0-1,7v (I am only using a small part of the 270 degree range)

This setup is chosen to be able to switch between automated input, or manual input. But without constantly configuring the jrk, how am I going to make this work?
I was told that I could use a rail-to-rail OpAmp circuit, but that would require a bipolar power supply, and I don’t want to use that(goal is to keep everything simple).

What would you guys suggest?



Hello, Lodi.

If you do not want to use an op-amp, it would probably be easier to lower the range of the encoder output to match the potentiometers range with a different voltage divider. You can then adjust the input scaling parameter of the jrk to match the range of both inputs. You can read more about adjusting the input scaling in the “Input Options” section of the jrk user’s guide.

- Jeremy

Thanks for the reply,

Good idea ! Ill try to get it working :slight_smile: