Need help finding control board

I am trying to build an ROV. I have searched for several hours on the internet but have not been able to find a controller board that meets my needs. Since I am new to all of this I thought I would look for some help. I need a control board that does the following:

  • RS232 interface to connect to controlling computer (allow for long cable length for ROV tether)
  • min. 8 analog inputs (to connect sensors sending info back to surface)
  • min. 6 digital i/o channels to control relays (turn on/off lights, camera, etc - video feed will be seperate system)
  • min. 6 PWM channels (need to control 3 thruster motors in both directions) if the board has built in motor controls it would be preferrred otherwise I’ll use 6 seperate motor controlers but they will still need the PWM signals from the controller board.

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!



Have you considered the Orangutan X2 robot controller? It has 18 available I/O pins, 8 of which can be used as analog inputs, and 11 more pins can be accessed if you don’t use the LCD. The user I/O lines include five of the MCU’s six hardware PWM outputs, and the board has an integrated dual motor driver that can deliver 14 A continuous (30 A peak) per motor channel.

The X2 does not have an RS-232 serial port, but it does have a built-in USB-to-serial adapter (that doubles as a programmer for the user MCU), which means you can connect it to a computer with a USB cable and have the device show up as a virtual COM port. Alternatively, you could use a TTL-to-RS-232 adapter to connect a computer to the MCU’s TTL serial port.

- Ben