Need help choosing a controller board for upcoming project


I am working on building a “working” version of the TARDIS from Doctor Who and I am looking for a controller board to interface with it. When I say “working” I basically want to be able to control various aspects from lights and sounds and moving parts. I need the controller board to be controlled by a computer running Ubuntu within the TARDIS so it needs a USB interface. I am fluent in perl, bash, php and javascript so I eventually want a web controlled interface on the Ubuntu box so that I can network it and control it from a smartphone or maybe even this little guy. I was looking at the Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controller, but if anyone has any better ideas or products to use I am all ears. Also, any suggestions on things to put in the TARDIS would be nice as well.


Hello, Zach.

Sounds like a cool project, please post pictures and videos as you go! That Maestro sounds like it might be an okay choice. You might also consider the Wixel.

- Ryan