Need help building

I’m new to robotics. Don’t want to spend a ton of money. What parts would I need to purchase to build a motor/ gear setup for bouncing a baby bouncy seat. I figure 2-3" stroke of travel at about 120 rpm’s. Attaching the rig to a strap suspended from top of seat. I looked at actuators and that’s just way too much $. Was hoping to build for under $40. Please help, my arm is tired.


I can sympathize with your desire to make an inexpensive baby bouncer, but that is not the kind of project we would feel comfortable supporting. Our products are not intended for applications where use or failure can cause injury. With the welfare of a baby at stake, I strongly urge you to get a prebuilt system that you can be confident is well engineered and has undergone thorough safety testing.


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Try looking at this: Fisher-Price Infant-Toddler Rocker Can be found anywhere kids stuff are sold.

This thing worked for my kid. There is a dc motor inside with counterweight (think oversized phone vibrator). Was awesome for putting my kid down. He figured out to rock himself to sleep. The toy bar kept him entertained. At 20 mos, he now gets a kick out of robots running around the house.

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