Need advice on what to order for a project

I need to investigate quadrature decoding of multiple encoders. I was very interested in the magnetic encoder pair that is for sale here. I could just purchase a couple of motors and the encoders and go from there, but I figured why not make something that I might be able to use in the future. So a few questions come to mind.
First, is there some set of parts that someone would suggest I buy assuming a don’t have an infinite budget?

Looking at the robotic offerings I think a Zumo Chassis Kit and a couple of motors and the encoders might get me started.

Next question: If I go that way will the motors that work with the encoders fit the Zumo?
I see a plethora of things that might be motor controllers but no way to figure out which might go with what motor.
Last question, if I follow this thread, which motor should I use? I have no way to evaluate the choices. I don’t have a specific purpose, so I just want something that will move around at a reasonable speed.
Very last question, what am I missing? I have a Teensy 3.1 I’ll be using to work with the encoders.

And please don’t answer with something like “You can use any motor you want” :slight_smile:


Hi, Jim

The product page for the Zumo Chassis kit gives specific recommendations for motors. See

To add encoders, order motors with the extended rear shaft. If you search through the forum, you will see a few posts where people have fitted motor/encoder combinations to the Zumo chassis. You will also need a motor controller, which the Teensy does not feature. You might consider the Baby Orangutan as an inexpensive alternative, as it does feature a suitable motor controller.

The Baby Orangutan can be programmed via the Arduino environment and has plenty of IO to handle the encoders and other sensors.

Hi, Jim,

Thanks for the quick response. I reviewed the referenced page and determined a motor that would apparently work is the 2361 but it doesn’t have the extended shaft. I found the 2380 which seems to be the same thing but with the extended shaft. I searched the forum as you suggested but didn’t find any references to a solution with the new magnetic encoders, just the optical ones. Since my need is for a platform to demonstrate,develop and experiment with quadrature encoding of multiple devices on the Teensy I can’t change processors. I also like to try new things so I’ll give the magnetic variety a try unless someone says otherwise.

So would this parts list give me everything I need?

2x 2380 Motor
1x 2130 DRV8833 carier
1 Zumo Kit
1 2598 Encoder Pair (Magnetic)

Or is there something better?


The micro metal gearmotors with extended shaft work with the Zumo chassis. The parts you selected seem like a good choice to use with the Teensy.

- Jeremy