Need a punch list of products to buy

I am an engineer at a company that makes factory vehicles. My boss asked me to put together a list of materials needed to automate control of a vehicle.
The vehicle will be on a stand, so there is no worry about running into something.
It needs to control: A gas petal, a brake petal, the shifter and two levers. Optionally perhaps a seat switch.
It all needs to be controlled from USB on a laptop. Steering is not needed.
I was looking at the USB controllers, but it’s unclear if they can control all the different servos or just the 5V servo.


It is beyond the scope of our technical support to help with system design, and there are many ways to accomplish something like that (i.e. brushed DC motors, linear actuators, servos, etc.). It sounds like you are considering using servos, so you might consider the Maestro servo controllers (which might be the controller you were already referring to). The Maestro should work with any servo that accepts standard hobby RC pulse width signals. If you have a specific servo in mind and are not sure if it will work with the Maestro, you can post a link to it and I would be happy to take a look.