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Need a motor like a drill motor


Hi Guys, so i own a business and the guys have to disassemble product and we went from 50 a week of these to 1000 of these units and they have to use a hand drill to disassemble, i use a 12V drill but i want to make a jig, which one of these gear motors will hold up, has high RPM, 6V or 12V (12V for speed would be better) ?

This is the drill with specs




I do not think any of our gearmotors are appropriate substitutes for the ones used in a powerful drill like that. For reference, the 37D mm gearmotors are the most powerful ones we carry, and their torques are measured in oz-in.



Hi Nathan, in general the RPMs of 590 like the one in the link is not necessary just the torque of unscrewing without stalling.



I do not know how much torque you will need to unscrew your screws. If you look at the table at the top of 37D motor category page I linked to in my first post, you will see that we offer those motors in a range of gearing configurations with torques up to 250 oz-in. This is an order of magnitude less than the torque listed for the drill you linked to, but you are welcome to try them out if you think they might work.