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Need a Motor controller

A number of years ago I built an arduino controlled segway with some old FRC parts, a gyro/accelerometer, and a couple of Pololu moter controllers but found that the parts used were not robust enough for this application.

I have just acquired a Pride mobility Jazzy electric wheelchair and want to use the motors from this to retrofit my home built Segway but these motors are 24V where the exisiting ones are only 12V so I am guessing that I will need new motor controllers.

The motors are part# DRVMOTR1428 but I am not sure what the current draw id on these.

Does Pololu have a controller(s) that will work for these?



Without knowing the current draw of your motors, I cannot tell if any of our motor drivers are appropriate. However, I suspect your motors will draw more current than our drivers can source if they were used in a Segway.

One way you might try figuring out an approximate stall current of your motors is to measure the current draw while stalling the motor briefly at a very low voltage like 2V, assuming that the motor will start at a voltage that low. Since the current draw is proportional to the operating voltage, you could then multiply the measured stall current at 2V by 12 to get the approximate stall current at 24V.

If you post the approximate stall current, I can give you a better idea if any of our drivers might work for your system.