Need a guidance about mobile robot implemtation

Hi all,

I am working on design a mobile robot that should navigate from its initial point to goal point without collision with any obstacles dependent on the Artificial Potential Field algorithm , from my a little bit knowledge , that I will need these components below, please correct to me if there is any additional or shortage components :

1- Two servo-motors (which had encoders) one per axis to determine heading angle and coordinate x-y of mobile robot .
actually this component is the main one should I get , but if there is a specific type you could advise me to buy it , please need your help in this.

2- Five ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles .

3- H-BRIDGE (Motor Drive Shield) for servo-motors : actually I don’t know if I need this component or not but I see many tutorial use these when it has two normal DC motor to control . need your help

4- Arduino UNO kit

5- Batteries : actually also I don’t know which type that my work required (4x AA or 6x AA … etc.)

6- Two capacitors one per servo-motor to help reduce RF noise .

7- Breadboard

8- Wires and cables for connections

Any help or ideas you offer would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.

are the members of this forum in deep sleep ??!! :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:
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There is a great deal of useful advice in this overview: