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Name of the LDO regulator on the A-Star 328PB Micro - 5V, 16MHz?

I was thinking about using the MIC5205 150mA but it’s very confusing in that i can obtain both 3.3V and 5V by using the same decouple capacitors, based in the datasheet or the NCP1117ST50T3G 1A but since the 328PB has a max current of 100mA, I’d rather use that regulator assuming it’s indeed
a 100mA max thus i can avoid the use of a 100mA resettable fuse PTC which as of yet i still haven’t found one.
Ohh and also the diode ?? I believe this should do the trick https://www.onsemi.com/pub/Collateral/1N914BWS-D.pdf ??