I’ve started a new Youtube channel where I will be posting tips and reviews of various components.

The first video is up which is a general discussion on wiring - Pololu, in fact, has won my recommendation for where to buy the wires and connectors. They have exactly what is needed and a huge selection.

Other videos that I’ll be posting soon are how to use:

1.8" TTF LCD Display

  • Video 1: Connecting to hardware
  • Video 2: Software Libraries and initialization
  • Video 3: Using graphic libraries and text.

Other videos will include the Grove 4 digit LED, Sainsmart 128x64 graphic LCD and a few others. If there is a device you want covered, let me know.

Thank you for sharing your video. Interestingly, we recently released our own video on using our pre-crimped wire and connector housings. We are considering adding your video as a resource on our Arduino product pages, as well as our wire product pages. We will also be adding this to our community projects page.