My Wall-e project

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2 Pololu Tic 249, 2 Pololu SMC G2

Wow! That looks like fun; thanks for sharing!

What parts are the Tics and G2 Simple Motor Controllers being used to control?

- Patrick

Hello! The robot has two ways to control it. One is for a program that I have written in C# and that by means of remote control through Wifi I control from a tablet, that is, I connect to the computer that has the robot installed and from the tablet I enter said computer and control the robot. The other form of control is through voice commands, which happens that I have to buy a wireless microphone. I control the position of the PAP motors by means of encoders, and the smc G2 directly from the program that I have written, the truth is that I had no problems integrating everything in the same program. Greetings. By the way subscribe to my channel hahaha you do me a great favor.