My Sincere Angst

I am sorry for my profanity. but because I can log in you must have an understanding. I finally DID get my stepper motor to rotate. Mind you it rotates but not to the claim of the Arduino code writer. It made several quarter rotations in the same direction and then began smaller movements. According to your diagram I used two voltage converters. My hookups were via an animation video in Spanish and an animation video on a Arduino - Pololu hookup, both on YouTube. A cross reference was done, in other words. There was a few errors in the Spanish tutorial. Several attempts resulted in the stepper motor vibrating with the shaft making jerky movements in one direction and then in the reverse direction. I then eliminated one voltage converter and coincidently purchased a power supply of DC @ 30 volts and 5 amps and used it. As I slowly turned the coarse voltage and current knobs and ran the code the motor did not vibrate and began to rotate. There was no noise.

Correct information of technical nature is hard to obtain on YouTube. Video creators make a video only to abandon it after a week. You ask for a pinout and they refer you to a page that has no info. I lost a password for a Win7Pro pc. I got 90% of the way but the final code I had to write myself from what I saw in the tutorials. Me. Writing code. That’s like a an amoeba flying an airplane. But it worked and when the page changed and prompted me to write a new password I was very surprised. Widows demanded my product key and blackscreened me when I didn’t comply.

Unlike other people, I will be glad to assist anybody for free with any problem that they have. Information is free. If I find an answer on the net to a problem that I have why wouldn’t I want to share it with others who are having problems? This is what suprises me with Pololu. Pololu has many products and the purchase of said products is cheap and flawless. I make an order and the next day I have my goodies. But try to get information from Pololu on how to use their software. Forget it. Sparkfun is generous with their information. The owner of Pololu told everyone else not to answer my questions and took it upon himself to answer my questions in a very snotty and immature way. I can’t believe this guy owns Pololu. Why post an application without a tutorial? Why balk when someone asks for an explanation? I have a few ideas that would employ Pololu product and code. A window shade raiser that will raise a shade on a window and simultaneously lower it so observations can be made from the top of the shade where nobody would expect a pair of eyes. An automatic toilet flusher for the old ball and chain toilets. A periscope located within a fence so it can be concealed and weather proofed. Many, many inventions can be had with Pololu products and code. So if you would create tutorials it would help tremendously. Do you want an A to Z tutorial to change your forgotten password on Windows7? Ask me.