My robot maze robot turn left alwas

Hi Have a nice day

Since my 3pi was dead I stated to make a maze robot using pololu QTR8RC sensor and Arduino uno and L298 Motor diver . it is working successfully for 3pi line follower but once I upload 3pi maze solver Arduino example it always turn left . Even though I put it on the fully black are it turn left

I did not modify the program

I am using Pololu avr programmer

Please advice to solve this issue

Thanks in advance


Hello, Dayan.

Can you post a wiring diagram showing how everything is connected? Also, can you post a picture of your robot showing how the sensor array is mounted to the body?

- Amanda

Hello Amanda

Thanks for the prompt reply

Above word change my thinking patterns and now it is working and only issue up to now it does not stop in the end the black area ( Even thought all sensors under black area the robot does not stop

Please advice

Can you post a picture or video showing your maze and the end marker? If you made any modifications to the 3pi maze solving example code, please post your entire code here. Also, can you still post a wiring diagram of your robot? Even though you solved your original issue, seeing how everything is connected in your setup makes it easier to troubleshoot pretty much any issue.

- Amanda

Dear Amanda Thanks for the reply

I have done it and thanks for your advice