My internet, voice controlled, line following robot platform

I built a robotics platform that would allow me to do tons of future projects on it. Here are some of the projects I have worked on so far.
(I would have posted my videos directly on this post if I knew how. I have posted links to my webpage that show each of the videos.)

This is my internet controlled robot. I used a remote desktop service ( to log into my ASUS netbook. There are several cameras and a nerf gun.

The video shows the robot moving through the hallway and then shooting at two paper targets. I am in the other room controlling the robot from the internet while someone else is recording it. The second half of the video shows what I was looking at when I was controlling the robot. I used two web cameras to operate, one that is connected directly to the nerf gun and one that is built into the netbook. The one that is built into the netbook is better for navigating the robot and the nerf camera is better for aiming the nerf gun.

The video is at the bottom of the page on this link. (I was testing some video editing software so there is some classical music in this video.) … -platform/

This next one is my Bluetooth voice controlled robot that uses two free programs called e-speaking and autohotkey. E-speaking turns any voice command into any key stroke, or opens a program. Autohotkey is a computer command recording program that turns your keystrokes into a macro.

The video shows the robot going through an obstacle course of cups. This was a test to see how responsive the robot would be. (The video is also at the bottom of the page.) … -platform/

Finally, the line following mode. It is a basic line following program with 12 IR sensors to detect the black electrical tape.

Here is the link with the video at the bottom of the page: … -platform/

The next big program that I would love to add is some kind of image processing. If you have any advice I would appreciate it. I might use the free trial of the roborealm software but I prefer one that I could use for more than 30 days. Eventually I would like it to distinguish between several colored (red, green, yellow and blue) cowboys and indians and only shoot the red one (for example) with an airsoft turret.

You can see the colored cowboys and Indians on my future projects page


Neat robot, it must be fun to “sneak” up on your friends.

- Ryan

It is fun to “sneak” around the house with the nerf gun from another state :smiley: .

sry for bumping this up. The links to the images were dead.