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My first Robot (Wall.E)


I want to share my first project with you.

I made a nice robot with a toy using the POLOLU MICRO SERVO CONTROLLER. is not something special or spectacular, but i like it because it was my first step on robotics.

very easy but funny.

hope you like it.

Wall.e Walking

Wall.e Movements


“Not something special or spectacular”! Well, I think it’s awesome and super fun! What a great first project. Nice work, and thanks for sharing it with us. We plan on posting this to our blog. Do you have any other documentation or places we could link people to about your project?


Hello, and thanks :slight_smile:

I have just started with a new blog about robotics, i have to upload my latest projects and a review of my new Pololu Zumo robot.

The only Problem is that is in spanish. I am thinking on writing it in english for international readers.

its a growing proyect. so There is not to many information now.

My Blog.



This is my second post here, and is a request to robo_proyect: I’m fighting with the Micro 6 scripting language and, since my project is to build an autonomous Wall-e (I have a big Wall-e toy, bought in USA), it would be very helpful if you could send me an excerpt of the section of the script that moves the two arms, especially the change of moving speed. I went to your blog, but I could find nothing about the software.
I think you can find my mail address in my profile, anyway I give you an address that is not dangerous to write down, since it is on its way to the end. Thanks in advance, if you can help me, but do not care if you can’t, I will find anyhow a solution :wink:.