My 3pi is dead meaby

to my 3 pi can not record any new program, connecting it to PC, and I will send the program created, and sends him to not do anything but still there is that one program,
3 pi comunicate from pc , but it doen´t new program , pleas help me , I used visual studiu , and I have orangutan programmer


I don’t completely understand what you’re saying. Do you get any errors when you try to program your 3pi? Is there any sign of life from your 3pi?

- Ben

yes , when I send program , all go OK , but 3pi beep and nothing



It looks like the programming process is working fine, so I think you are not programming the 3pi with the correct hex file. Can you click the brows button in the flash programming section of the AVRISP dialog box and make sure you have the proper hex file selected for programming?

The hex file selected by default in the AVRISP dialog box is the last one you programmed, not necessarily the one that corresponds to the AVR Studio project you have open. This can be confusing to people at first.

- Ben

To me, the beeping noise in your video sounds like the little startup tone we put in our example programs, except it has been slowed down. Maybe your AVR is running at the wrong speed. Could you use AVR Studio to read the fuse bytes of your 3pi and tell us what they are? A screenshot would be good.

Also, what program are you trying to put on your 3pi? Does it print to the LCD? Even if the program is running at the wrong speed, it should be able to print something on the LCD. If you can’t see anything on the LCD, maybe you could try turning the contrast trimpot on the bottom of the 3pi (there are two trimpots, so you can try turning both of them if you don’t know which one is for contrast).