My 3DOF motion system using jrk12v12

Hi all! this is the latest version of my 3DOF motion system using the great jrk12v12

This is a performance test, not for obtain maximum realism but for verificate the maximum power available



That looks very cool, thanks for sharing! Did you end up putting a heat sink on your jrks? If so, I’d love to see some pictures of how it turned out, and I’d be interested to hear what kind of power you’ve been able to get out of them. I hope you’ll continue to share videos of your motion system as you improve it!

- Ben

Hi Ben, in first thank you for compliments!
Yeah I am using little aluminum heatskins for my jrks (the dimension of these heatsink is the same of the big jrk chip and the height of these heatsink is 5cm).
I am using thermal paste (with just little electrical conductivity) between the main jrk chip and the base of the heatsink.

Today I will post some pics about. I am working about a box where put my 3 jrks (heatsinked) with a fan to help to mantain the situation more cold as possible! I love my 3 jrk and I would to give they a long life :slight_smile:
The motors I am using are custom and heavy modified 12v, 25 Amps, 300watts and the 3 jrks are configured with the MAX CURRENT to 22.5 Amps. :slight_smile:

Hi again and good new year to all!
Here my motion system “brain” pics :slight_smile:

You can see the 3 alluminium heatsink mounted.
For now I removed the fan in order to add another one fan too. 2 it’s better than one considering 22.5Amps setting and the continuos work needed for the 3 little jrk! :unamused:

Thank you for posting the pictures. I like seeing different people’s heatsink mounting jobs. Your installation looks very well done.

- Ryan