Multiplexing a wixel

What are the possibilities for using a wixel to transmit video (low frame rate black and white) and control ( send control to motor ) at the same time? Can I multiplex the inputs to the wixel in any way ?


Yes, this is possible. The Wixel’s radio is capable of sending packets that contain different types of data and if you write the right Wixel app it can interpret those different types of data in different ways. Depending on exactly what you want to do, you might need to write your own Wixel app(s) and PC software. You could write a pair of apps that using the radio_link library in the Wixel SDK, which lets you specify a payload type for each packet you send.

The Wixel can only do about 10 KB/s of data transfer though, so you’re not going to get a very good video out of it.