Multiple VL53L1X sensors not reading distance properly in Arduino

I am trying to use two VL53L1X sensors with the Arduino Mega2560. I try to connect the sensors and reset the addresses but even after doing that I still get incorrect readings. All the distance readings I get from both sensors are 0. I am unsure if it is my program or the way I set up the circuit that is causing the errors. Any help would be appreciated!

My Code:
VL53L1X.ino (2.6 KB)

The Serial Monitor:

My Circuit:


It looks like your VL53L1X sensor boards are not soldered to the headers, so that is the first thing that needs to be fixed. Soldering the pins is necessary to make good electrical connections, and trying to use your boards with poor connections could result in problematic (even potentially damaging) transients. If you do not have much experience with soldering, then the Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering might be a useful resource.

Once you have soldered your boards, please try to confirm whether each of your boards works individually using the examples from our VL53L1X Arduino library. If you have trouble with that, please post close-up pictures of them so I can inspect your connections. It would also be helpful if you can tidy your wiring as much as possible and post a clear, overhead picture of your entire setup where you can see how everything is connected.

- Patrick

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